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CBV Buy Pile, Week 29

This week we take a look at Sisters of Sorrow #1, Betty Page #1 and Batman #27. SPOILERS ahead

Sisters of Sorrow #1, BOOM! Studios

Kurt Sutter, Courtney Alameda, Hyeonjin Kim, Jae Lee and Andre De Freitas

"Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC) brings this all-new original tale of revenge and recovery to comics with novelist Courtney Alameda (Shutter) and breakthrough artist Hyeonjin Kim. By day, Dominique, Greta, Misha, and Sarah run a nonprofit women's shelter. At night, they each don a nun's habit and move through Los Angeles hunting down violent abusers who have escaped justice. Their increasingly public vigilantism has earned them the nickname Sisters of Sorrow, and has drawn the ire of L.A.'s notorious anti-crime task force." - BOOM! Studios

I was expecting something out of a nineties Tarantino flick, what I got was a lot more real and had a depth I wasn’t expecting. The book does have a serious tone, but delivers a sense of justice. We are introduced to quite a few characters in this book and we should expect to see them fleshed out more in the upcoming issues.

The pencil and ink work is well developed and executed in a richly expressive form. I found this book to be both entertaining and it smartly covered a serious topic. This book is highly recommended on the CBV Buy Pile.

Betty Page #1, Dynamite Entertainment

David Avallone and Colton Worley

"She's more modest than Ms. Blaise, but peels more than Ms. Emma. She out-vamps Vampirella, but she's sweeter than Honey West. She put the mod in model, and the bangs in bang-bang. Now the world can know the truth: her classified adventures back in 1951 Hollywood have been declassified. Dynamite, David Avallone and Colton Worley are proud to present The Secret Diary of Bettie Page, in handy comic book form." - Dynamite Entertainment

Bettie Page #1 is classy, sexy, and is loaded with intrigue and action. The artwork boasts beautiful figure work, retro cityscapes and some boss architecture. Both the delicate line work and the subtle brush strokes of the coloring introduce a warm life into the panels.

The story is swiftly paced and takes no time bringing the weird. Bettie is well written as a tough witty woman and is beautifully brought to life in these pages. The visual style and composition are stunning. With a promise of Space Commies on the horizon, this series will be staying on the CBV Buy Pile.

Preview Bettie Page #1 at

Batman #27, DC Comics

Tom King and Davide Gianfelice

"The war has spread to every corner of Gotham City, and while Batman battles back the forces of Joker and Riddler, an unlikely criminal becomes the pivotal key to its potential resolution…but it could cost him everything." - DC Comics

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Mike Sandifer, Posted: Jul 19, 2017



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