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CBV Buy Pile, Week 26

This week we take a look at Batman The Shadow #3, Blood Brothers #1 and Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken #2. Possible SPOILERS ahead.

Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken #2, IDW Publishing

Scott Tipton, David Tipton and J. K. Woodward

"In the sinister Mirror Universe, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is determined to get his hands on the Terran Empire's new secret weapon, the Galaxy-class warship known as Enterprise, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, one obstacle stands in his way-and his name is William T. Riker!" - IDW Publishing

As a Trek fan the Mirror Universe storys always stand out. The creators get to have more freedom and get to explore "what if" scenarios that can't be told in the main Trek timelines. Mirror Broken is an exceptionally executed ISS Enterprise crew origins tale and has earned its spot in the CBV Buy Pile. Check out the complete FCBD issue below!

View Complete Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken Free Comic Book Day2017 Issue.

Blood Brothers #1, Dynamite Entertainment

Fabian, Jr. Range and Javier Caba

"Diego and Gabriel Soliz are two unusual brothers just trying to do their job in an even more unusual city. What's their job? They're detectives in a city populated by creatures from mythology and fantasy. When an Aztec skull is stolen from the museum, the BLOOD BROTHERS are assigned to the case!" - Dynamite Entertainment

Been looking for a lucha libre crime fighting team in el mas loco of realities? Well hermano, I've got you covered. Dynamite slams Blood Brothers into the ring this week. I was needing something different in my reading pile and this book is asombroso! Blood Brothers stand triumphant on the CBV Buy pile for week 26.

Preview Blood Brothers #1.

Batman The Shadow #3, DC Comics / Dynamite Entertainment

Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo

"The Joker has entered the fray, and he’s been offered unspeakable power in return for helping the Stag kill Batman! It’s up to the Shadow to protect Batman from the pair’s combined onslaught and the mystical powers of Shamba-La! Co-published with Dynamite! " - DC Comics

Everything appealing about this series holds true in this third issue and has been amplified simply by adding a little Joker. The Joker has been popping up more and more recently in the Rebirth series and as this Batman / The Shadow crossover swells in epicness, the Jokers presence is welcomed and most necessary here. This series is so worth picking up and reading, its place on the CBV Buy Pile is secured.

View All New Releases For 06/21/2017 via Previews World .

Batman Dynamite Entertainment

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Jun 28, 2017



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