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DC Comics is rapping up All-Star Batman. No no no no no…

DC comics has announced it will be ending the best selling All-Star Batman series this September. My head is still spinning on this one folks. We are unsure exactly why DC is ending the popular Batman series, but what does this mean for Scott Snyder and Batman? Will Snyder's pen be forever silenced within the halls of the Batcave?

Fear not my fellow junior detectives. Snyder had this to say to CBR, "That’s right. It’s hard because it’s not actually the end for me in a lot of ways. Essentially, I have started working on the arc with Sean [Murphy] already, and DC has been really excited about some new formats that they’re creating. Part of it is tied a lot of exciting editorial changes that they announced about a month ago. They’re creating bold, new initiatives – new lanes to drive in creatively – for creators to tell the kinds of stories like I was telling in All Star. They are artist-centric and a little bit left of center in ways that put the artist first, with a new artist format and with a new level of sophistication in terms of allowing for content that’s a bit more, how do I say this without spoiling stuff — adult, I guess."

So it looks like Scott will have access to the Bat Cave for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this is simply an exercise in rebranding. Snyder has been amazing with the Dark Night, and we hope he continues to have the opportunity to partner with the Caped Crusader.

Batman DC

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Jun 19, 2017



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