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Preacher Season 2, What We Reckon These Meddlesome Kids Are Up To Thus Far.

Preacher Season 2 Trailer

Jesse Cassidy and Tulip hit the road this season. Headed to New Orleans and I’m sure with a little trouble along the way. The sort of trouble that follows the matters of gods and demons. In the latest trailer Herr Starr’s arrival has been more than alluded to

The first season has jumbled the narrative and characters just enough to keep the story fresh and unexpected. From what we’ve seen, the second season of AMC’s Preacher promises to deliver.

We’ll post updates here has AMC releases more info in the next few weeks.

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Preacher Season 2 premieres on AMC Sunday, June 25 10/9C

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CBV Editor, Posted: Jun 12, 2017



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