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CBV Buy Pile, Week 22

This week we take a look at Marvel's Cable #1, Secret Empire #1 and sort out the carnage.

Secret Empire #3, Marvel

Nick Spencer, Rod Reis and Andrea Simmons

We are still scratching our heads on New Steve, while Hydra Steve assembles the Avengers to school the resistance on what happens when you don’t hum the Hydra tune. Finally, Sam’s reluctantly helping the resistance in a possibly feeble attempt to save Hydra Steve.

Spencer, Sorrentino and Reis continue to produce a provocative story that looks amazing. Regardless of all the reboot and marketing hype, Marvel still has the ability to bring about a compelling story. Secret Empire stand as a firm example of this on the CBV Buy Pile.

Cable #1, Marvel

James Robinson, Carlos Pacheco and Dale Keown

In an ocean of freshly printed Marvel #1s I’ve been enjoying the new X-Men books. This week Cable #1 hits the racks and the CBV Buy Pile.

“He is known by many names, but to most he is simply the man called… CABLE”

I can’t really tell you what the hell is going on at this point in the story, but it’s a hell of a fun read so far! It’s Cable beating the crap out of every soul who stands between Cable and what Cable wants. Not to mention the first issue delivers both a western bar brawl and a samurai show down.

I’m eager for the next issue and how it will flesh out Cable’s current situation. Marvel’s Cable #1 stands out in this time of reshuffling of the Marvel Universe and sits high upon the CBV Buy Pile.

X-Men Marvel

Mike Sandifer, Posted: May 31, 2017



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