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Comicpalooza 2017 CBV Photo Gallery

The Greatest Pop Culture Mega Event in the Texas Multiverse!

"Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to behold a sight so strange, so horrifying, so utterly monstrous, that I urge you who are easily frightened or upset, who suffer from nervous disorders, weak hearts, or queasy stomachs, who experience nightmares, and any children under the age of 16, to forgo witnessing this exhibit. There are only two kinds of freaks ladies and gentlemen. Those created by God, and those made by man" - She Freak

We will focus on the latter within this exhibition.

So many boxes, many many wonderful boxes.

Find out more about Monster Scouts membership drive here

Clowns. Why’d it have to be clowns? Creepy Hollow never fails to deliver an impressive spectacle.

Early Friday morning there were a ton of silver age and some golden age books heavily spread amongst the Comic Book Vendors. Bedrock had these insanely bountiful 2 dollar boxes.

I had a chance to speak with Henry at Top Cow and he gave me the rundown on all their new and upcoming books. Before I stepped away, Henry made sure I had a copy of Think Tank #1 in my hand. We will have more on that book real soon.

Stopped to chat with David Baron and the 451 Team. Baron was fresh off an All-Store signing tour of Bedrock City. After hitting all the Bedrock City locations in a single day, he couldn’t praise the BRC Team enough. Read more on Stained #1 here.

Any and all disputes were handled in a most honorable manner.

Well, most disputes were handled in a most honorable manner.

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CBV Editor, Posted: May 14, 2017



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