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CBV Buy Pile, Week 18

This week we take a look at Stained #1, Batman #22 “The Button" Part Three and Marvel's Secret Empire #1. Spoilers…

Stained #1, 451 Media Group

David Baron, Yusuf Idris and Simon Bowland

First in a series of five, this book is most assuredly not a slow starter. In Stained we are coupled with a “make your own damn sandwich” tech heavy cyborg bounty hunter. Who gets the shit done and executes quite effectively. As does this book. The use of a limited color palette is tone setting and allows the line work and the inky goodness to stand prominent.

This Future set crime thriller is solid out of the gates. With all the space time upheaval in comicdom at the present, this book brings balance back to the CBV Buy Pile.

For those of you in the Houston area, David Baron will be signing at Bedrock City Comic's Washington store on 05/11/2017

Batman#22 "The Button" Part Three

Tom King and Jason Fabok

Batman and The Flash continue on the treadmill along the trail leading to the Comedian's button.

In this installment we learn that Waynes never stay down, they rise. This series maintains a strong position on the CBV Buy Pile. Take a look at our breakdown of the previous issues of “The Button” below.

CBV Buy Pile, Week 16

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Secret Empire #1

Nick Spender, Steve McNiven and Mark Brooks

Welcome to Hydra World! I would not drink the water.

In Secret Empire #1 we awake in the world of Hydra, where everything that we thought we knew was simply the Great Illusion. Spender exposes the perspective of the common folk immediately. The alternative facts distributed freely amongst the schools and media, whilst Hydra hit squads round up unregistered Inhumans. There is an obvious sense of betrayal felt by those who once looked up to our newly branded antagonistic Cap. But if you know what’s good for you, it's all smiles and a Happy Hail Hydra!

The leadership and structure of Cap's opposition is fleshed out. We get to see who fought back and what came of it. The future is grim, but with the team that has been assembled, it will be compelling venture.

Cap may already appear to be showing signs of inner conflict regarding his new role. Trying to convince former team mates and loved ones, he’s not the multi headed monster they believe him to be while relishing in the many bigly wins of the new Hydra World Order.

This is oversized cosmic upheaval of a book sits high on CBV's Buy Pile.

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Mike Sandifer, Posted: May 03, 2017



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