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CBV Buy Pile, Week 17

This week we look at The Flash #21 “The Button" Part Two and Batman The Shadow #1. Possible spoilers ahead.

Batman The Shadow #1

Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo

These two characters are equally iconic in my book of comic alchemy, so yeah my opinion is a touch biased on this series. Batman and The Shadow first crossed paths in 1973 and few times here and there after that. Well, the cowl and fedora are back at it again.

With the two greatest detectives involved in one hell of a mystery, one does not simply drop spoilers. I could, it would be very easy or you could run down to you LCBS and see for yourself. The team has put together something truly fun here. The book has an overall Film Noir vibe that is quite fascinating. So it's in the CBV Buy Pile and I'm eager for the next spine tingling installment.

The Flash #21, The Button Part Two

Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter and Jason Fabok

Strange things are a foot in the DC Rebirth Universe. The suspense continues to build in "The Button" Part Two. So far this story has more questions than answers, and that is a good thing

In this issue we are introduced to a ton of allusions and easter eggs referring to long forgotten characters. As the DC universe is still gaining its bearing after Convergence, it is difficult to determine which instance of the character is being invoked. A prime illustration of this is the "Hall of Lost and Found". Within only a few frames, heaps and mounds of eggs our thrown at the reader. The team at has done a great job of inventorying the "Hall" here

I am really digging this series so far and eager to see how the overall DC Universe walks/limps away from this damn little yellow button. Yes yes yes, this book belongs in your buy pile.

Check back here in a day or so, I'll be adding a couple more book to CBV's Buy Pile.

Batman DC

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Apr 26, 2017



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