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CBV Buy Pile, Week 16

This week we look at Redneck #1, Secret Empire #0 and Batman #21, aka “THE BUTTON” Part One! Spoilers ahead

Redneck #1 Image Comics Donny Cates, Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe

Recommended by my loyal minions at Bedrock City Comics in Houston Texas

"This is a book about blood" - Donny Cates

Yep, that is God Country's Donny Cates. This book looks incredible. The line work and panel composition really stand out. The story gives enough to satisfy and yet is still enigmatic enough to have you come back for more. Having grown up not to far from the books setting, I can really appreciate the accuracy of the faint nuances of the people and location. It definatly has a place in the buy pile.

Secret Empire #0 Marvel Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna and Rod Reis

Cap is going full Hydra and of course hilarious hijinks are sure to follow. This could be an enlightening road for marvel to go down. Its stimulating seeing this side of Cap, the no bullshit double agent knife to the back Cap. Secret Empire gives the creative team a lot of freedom to wander unexplored territory with this character and the rest of the Marvel Universe.

There is a fair amount blow back at Marvel ever since this Cap / Hydra arc errupted in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. To those who feel betrayed, be patient I bet Marvel knows exactly what they are doing. Hail Hydra.

It would serve Marvel well if this story arc helps cement all the new books and characters into the Now!-verse. Secret Empire #0 executes as an excellent prologue, and I want more. Absolutely buy pile material.

Batman #21, "The Button" Part One Tom King and Jason Fabok

It started quick, it was over quick, but with all kinds of crazy happening in between the two action-packed lenticular covers.

The cover is beautiful front and back. They wasted no time with this book. It is actually lightning fast, like speedster quick. King, Fabok and the team have been impressive so far, and they really stepped it up on this one.

I have been looking forward to "The Button" and I have not been disappointed. For those of you out there aligned with the Watchmen Fundamentalism movement, take a chance on this one. You may be surprised, perhaps even entertained. I am quite eager for next week's continuation in The Flash #21. This one is a no brainer, put it in your buy pile.

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Mike Sandifer, Posted: Apr 19, 2017



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