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Review - Godshaper #1

"In 1958, the laws of physics went screwy... No one knows why" Check it out on BOOM!

  Check it out on BOOM!

"One day, the laws of physics stopped working. Ignition, electricity, combustion--anything that made life easy suddenly ceased to exist. Instead, everyone woke to find themselves accompanied by their own personal god. Everyone except the Godshapers, that is."

That is where this book's narrative begins to unfold into it's intriguing journey. Published by Boom! Studios. Written by Simon Spurrier and art by Jonas Goonface.

I confess, this book has been on my radar only for a few days. The preview art work and story concept grabbed my attention. This one was not going to slip through my fingers on New Comic Book Day.

The Godshapers are a godless undesirable class wanted by no one, needed by everyone. The Godshapers can strong arm the gods and shape them into whatever their believer requires. The gods function as ornaments, personal assistants, body guards, and banks to their associated believers. Our Godshaper, Ennay, and quirky humanless god, Bud, wander the land. Working gigs from village to village, trying to survive their meager coexistence.

In only one issue, Spurrier has introduced his characters and their environment in both an efficient and yet very rich manner. We really get a since of the personal god driven society, its structure and attitudes. Goonface's organic line work and expressionistic use of color are both brilliant and reassuring.

In a comic world of over hyped universe crushing events(which do have a place and serve a function), I found this book quite refreshing and engaging. The writing and art are both brilliant and enticing. I'm definitely curious about where this tale will lead and I will be adding this title to my pull list. I would recommend this book to just about any reader of any genre.

Check it out on BOOM!

None BOOM!

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Apr 13, 2017



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