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NCBD Wish List: Godshaper #1

"Godshaper introduces a vast world where there’s a god for every …" -BOOM! Interview with Simon Spurrier

  Interview with Simon Spurrier

"Yeah, definitely. It’s the sort of book which is pretty conspicuously 'About a Lot of Stuff,' y’know?", Simon Spurrier

Godshaper #1 throws us into a world were everyone has their own god and all modern technology is lost. The main character drifts from town to village godless and shuned. I'll definatly be grabing a copy tomorrow.

Writter Simon Spurrier sat down with Previews World to shed a little light on Godshaper's upcoming release.

Interview with Simon Spurrier

None BOOM!

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Apr 11, 2017



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