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"The Button"

"Moore flirts with the dark arts, perhaps that’s how he did it." Read more here

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The crux of “The Button” is almost upon us

In anticipation of this story, I pulled my copy of Watchmen out and dug into it. I must say the story is still relevant, now more than ever. Alan Moore nailed it.

It’s been decades since I picked up this book and I’ll admit the brilliance of the story telling had faded for me. After a few pages I was hooked again. The depth of Moore’s genius is bottomless. It is perplexing that everything between the front and back cover came from one man’s brain. It’s well known that Moore flirts with the dark arts, perhaps that’s how he pulled it off. Regardless Moore is a master wordsmith for the modern era. I fell in love / hate with characters all over again. I even felt sympathy were I did not before. I had rediscovered everything I loved about that book, and perhaps time has allowed me to experience it from a new perspective.

So here we are decades later, and the Comedian’s bloodied button has enigmatically been embedded into the wall of the Batcave. Even without Moore’s involvement, I’m still enthusiastic about “The Button” event. Tom King and Jason Fabok have been hitting the mark so far. Will we get to see Rorschach and Nite Owl hopping around in Archie again or will it be a series of clever flash backs? In a post Flashpoint / Convergence / Rebirth multi-verse anything is possible. Not much is known of the story at this point, but DC has been releasing previews of the covers and their variants. Take a look below and see if you can put the pieces together.

Latest covers for Batman # 22 at Previews World

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Batman DC

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Mar 30, 2017



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