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"Screen accurate Jedi / Sith robes, battle ready replica lightsabers, cool screen props, and what’s this, choreographed lightsaber duels!"

BLUE BUFFALO - Exclusive Star Wars Fan Film Featuring The Jakku Temple Saber Guild

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Every year the number, size and involvement of the fan groups has grown within the convention scene. Comicpalooza 2018 is no different. Among the fandoms present we had quite a few Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica ship crews, the Joker and Harley couples and a growing number of Rick and Morty clones(both impressive and concerning). These groups are awesome and I enjoy seeing them grow. They are the micro conventions within the conventions, I’d like you to take moment and imagine a series Russian nesting Klingon dolls. Now get that out of your head, this is a story about the OTHER space western.

So I discovered this Saber Guild, The Jakku Temple, and then everything changed. Screen accurate Jedi / Sith robes, battle ready replica lightsabers, cool screen props, and what’s this, choreographed lightsaber duels! Just stop it, this is too much!

But wait, there’s more!

Saber Guild is both the preferred lightsaber choreography group of Lucasfilm and the largest lightsaber club on Earth! They are comprised of 18 Temples across 5 countries. Their members are held to strict canon based standards and restrictions on their costumes and props. This is a big part of why Lucasfilm favors them over all other lightsaber groups.

Ok, so they have their costumes and laser swords all polished up, now what? That’s the extraordinarily amazing part! When they are not working directly with charities such as Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House, ASPCA and many more, they are hitting the convention circuit raising money for these organizations.

Which brings us to Comicpalooza 2018. While perusing the maker space on the con floor, my eyes widened as I began to approach The Jakku Temple’s demo area. I fear that I cannot put in to words what I beheld, so I cut together a short film of some footage I shot at Comipalooza 2018. Queue the John Williams, crack open a fizzy blue milk and check out the Star Wars fan film of The Jakku Temple’s demonstration below.

A Star Wars Fan Film

You can find more information on the Saber Guild and a complete list of the charities they work with here at

@SGJAKKUTEMPLE on facebook

@JAKKUTEMPLE on twitter

Related: Comicpalooza 2018 Photo Gallery

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Mike Sandifer, Posted: Jun 21, 2018



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