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CBV Buy Pile, Week 37

This week we take a look at The Realm #1, Star Wars #36 and Generations Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell #1. Possible SPOILERS Lurk ahead.

Exclusive CBV Buy Pile Preview Video!

The Realm #1, Image Comics

Seth Peck, Jeremy Haun and Nick Filardi

It’s not often I get hooked on a series only after only issue one, The Realm #1 stands as an exception to what is normal. There were more than a few surprises along the trail. We are given both a BATMAN reference and a bit of Steely Dan. Not just random droppings mind you, but important character defining mechanisms. The pairing of story and art in this book is a seldom seen example of 4 color synchronicity.

"An all new post-apocalyptic high-fantasy adventure series from co-creators Seth M. Peck (X-Men) and Jeremy Haun (The Beauty) featuring colors by Nick Filardi and letters by Thomas Mauer. " - Image Comics

"Fifteen years ago, our world was overrun by creatures of myth; orcs, dragons, and other nameless horrors threw the entire planet into total chaos. Today, the shattered remnants of civilization must fight just to survive in a deadly new era of violence and mayhem. While a powerful sorcerer marshals his forces, a group of warriors embark on a journey to reclaim our world from the growing darkness." - Image Comics

The CBV Buy Pile welcomes the post-apocalyptic orcs and dragons The Realm #1 brings forth!


Star Wars #36, Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron, Salvador Larroca and Mike Mayhew

Artoo takes center stage in Star Wars #36! Does this meager starship mechanic have what it takes to take on the Empire?

"The Empire has held Threepio captive for far too long. There's no way they are prepared to deal with this rescue. That's right - Artoo is ready to take action!" - Marvel Comics


Generations Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell #1, Marvel Comics

Margaret Stohl, Brent Schoonover and David Nakayama

"Carol Danvers, THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL, finds herself face-to-face with someone she never thought she'd see again - Mar-Vell of the Kree, THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL! But before she can get to the bottom of this impossible reunion, she gets embroiled in combat with someone who wants the Kree destroyed - talk about terrible timing!" - Marvel Comics

PREVIEW Generations Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell #1 HERE

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None Marvel

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Sep 13, 2017



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