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CBV Buy Pile, Week 36

This week we take a look at Lazaretto #1 and Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Captain Phasma #1. Possible SPOILERS Lurk ahead.

Exclusive CBV Buy Pile Preview Video!

Lazaretto #1, BOOM Studios

Clay Chapman, Jey Levang and Ignacio Valicenti

"After a pandemic strikes, a dorm complex at a small American college is quarantined with all of the students trapped within. What first starts out as youthful freedom from authority soon devolves into a violent new society-it's Lord of the Flies on a college campus." - BOOM! Studios


Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Captain Phasma #1, Marvel Comics

Kelly Thompson, Marco Checchetto and Paul Renaud

"As the excitement ramps up for this December's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, come back with us to the final moments of The Force Awakens and the destruction of Starkiller Base to learn the fate of Captain Phasma! Captured by the Resistance and thrown into a garbage masher, we follow the chrome-adorned warrior from the site of the First Order's biggest defeat to the doorstep of this holiday season's biggest blockbuster! Written by Kelly Thompson (HAWKEYE, STAR WARS ANNUAL 2016) and drawn by Marco Checchetto (STAR WARS: SHATTERED EMPIRE, STAR WARS: SCREAMING CITADEL), Captain Phasma will recondition you to love Star Wars again!" - Marvel Comics

How did Phasma escape the Star Killer base? Find out in Captain Phasma #1 on the CBV Buy Pile!

PREVIEW Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Captain Phasma #1 HERE

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Star Wars Marvel

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Sep 06, 2017



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