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CBV Buy Pile, Week 34

This week we take a look at Batman The Shadow #5, Bettie Page #2 and Redneck #5. Possible SPOILERS Lurk ahead.

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Batman The Shadow #5, DC Comics

Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo

"The Stag and The Joker have kidnapped the Shadow's greatest allies and are preparing to enter Shamba-La. It's Batman and the Shadow's last stand-if don't stop the evil duo from entering Shamba-La, it will mean an eternity of darkness in a world ruled by crime!" - DC Comics


Bettie Page #2, Dynamite Entertainment

David Avallone, Colton Worley and Scott Chantler

Well well well comrades, you were promised Space Commies and now you’re getting some Space Commies. But wait, there’s more! The ever boss Bettie Page happens to be the Queen of those psycho Space Commies!

The mid-century aesthetic infused into the writing and artwork of this series is simply captivating. Colton Worley’s injection of ben-day dots into the panels is quite crafty, and it is a very good thing. I see this series as having a lot to add to the spectacular legend of the remarkable Bettie Page. If you like to learn a little more about Bettie check out the official website below.

"Bettie takes on Hollywood as the B-Movie Queen of the Space Commies! Bettie gets in over her head with the shadowy Sky Science cult! Bettie unleashes chaos at the Griffith Park Observatory! Writer David Avallone and artist Colton Worley are your tour guides through the thrilling second issue of The Secret Diary of Bettie Page!" - Dynamite


Redneck #5, Image Comics

Donny Cates and Lisandro Estherren

The centuries old feud between the Landrys and the Bowmans scales the generations in Redneck #5 on this week’s CBV Buy Pile!

"What started as an innocent night on the town has led to this moment. With Sulphur Springs in flames, will the Bowman family withstand its destruction?" - Image Comics


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Bettie Page Dynamite Entertainment

Mike Sandifer, Posted: Aug 23, 2017



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